Colorvale Lightroom Presets

A clear choice when only the best results will do!

We create an exclusive assortment of Lightroom Presets with every editing style in mind.  Whether you enjoy the edgy & moody vibe, the timeless classic or elegance of light & airy ... we've got the fit for you!

As simple as 1, 2, 3


When you've spent more hours editing than you did shooting a session it's time to get a preset collection that will do the work for you -- and this is just the one! Our Lightroom presets provide you brilliance & professionalism in your photographs. Most importantly it's about saving you time. Getting to the end result faster, without sacrifice.  Click here to learn how to use our presets.

new beginnings

Our newest preset collection was created for your desktop, laptop, & phone!  Now you can take professional results on the road with you.  How many times have you wanted to be able to share a sneak peek on the spot to a client but wish you could give it the results you intend to deliver?  Now you can -- right from your phone!

Heck yes, show me!

Lightroom Presets


24 Colored Presets

1 Black & White Preset

3 Optional Adjustments

Desktop & Mobile Version


Must be used in conjunction with the latest version of Lightroom Classic, CC,  Adobe Camera Raw OR the free Lightroom Mobile app.

All sales are final.  Due to the nature of our products, digital downloads, no refunds, substitutions or exchanges are provided.

Compatible with Mac and PC - Refunds will not be given when purchased & didn't ensure you have the latest version of Lightroom

Go ahead, make a small investment in your photos

jpg & raw

desktop & Mobile

ios & android

How will I know how to install the presets?
I love them so much can I share them with a friend?

No worries, we are here to help.  Check out our install guide here to see how fast it is to get started.

Though Hayley & I are super stoked that you love them we do require that you do NOT share these presets BUT you can share the link where you got them so that your favorite friends can get them as well.

Will this work for Mac or Windows?

It will work for both.  Simply go to your app center and download Lightroom.

You are ready to post the photo on all your favorite platforms.  Just export & go!

That's it.  You're all set!


Now you simply have to turn up or down the exposure and adjust white balance if necessary.

Adjust Exposure & White Balance


Open your image in any Lightroom app such as Desktop or Mobile.  Apply preset.

Apply Your Favorite Presets to Photo


How to use our Lightroom Presets

Harness the power of photo enhancing presets as we walk you through every step from installing them to editing your photos.